Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 5

When Scott spiked an even higher temp yesterday afternoon, on day 4, I took him to the ped. She found the source; a secondary infection in his right ear. Told me her philosophy regarding 70% of ear infections healing on their own and the dilemmas of antibiotic over-prescription. Said she'd write me a script and if he still had a fever Friday to go ahead and fill it and treat.

Gary objects. He wants Scott treated NOW: "I'm old-school." ('Old-school' is what my poor friend got subjected to when she came to visit over the Thanksgiving break. 'Old-school' means that any question of his conduct is answered with: "She should have been with her husband." It appears that 'Old-school' means you drive a car according to the way conditions should be, not the way they are.)

Scott's cough, if anything seems worse. He was running a temperature this morning despite having had ibuprofen at 3 a.m. {Me, up, doing the legwork, getting medication and water; Gary directing operations from the bed: 'Get the new congestion medicine' (I've already opened it), 'What about the ibuprofen?' ("I'm going to take his temperature first") 'Where's the water bottle?'--"Would you QUIT"}

I'm second-guessing my decision to have not started antibiotics right away. Could I have spared him this? Is it advisable to wait until tomorrow after all?

And Connor persists in the fantasy that Scott is 'lucky'. No school!


Suzy said...

Don't second guess yourself. You are his mom. You know best and the ped. gave you what she thought best. As soon as the antibiotics are given, they will work their magic and all will be well.

That's why they call it "old school"- there are new thoughts abounding these days.

And as for Connor-I would probably feel the same way!


Casdok said...

Im also Old school. And yes mums usually do know best!!