Monday, June 16, 2008

First day of the first week...

...of the first month of the summer break. (12 weeks of bliss for them, something less for me)

Connor has a friend over. Scott wants to join in. Actually, the older boys are fairly tolerant of him, but I sense this is fragile and could deteriorate. It's a climate I find it hard to let down in to do some exploratory writing and Deep Thinking.

I can't really blame Connor. I think I was less tolerant of my sister who was 2 1/2 years younger than me.

The four year spread is a bit of a gulf, though, especially since Scott is a young 6.99, and Connor's an average 10.999999. When Scott has friends over they tend to gravitate toward Connor (which doesn't particularly thrill Connor) and Scott ends up odd-one-out. As someone who can't think much beyond the planning and coordinating of the next meal, coordinating complementary play dates seems like a daunting mental exercise.

In fact, my mind is blank before the enormity of it all.

Hopefully I'll find some sea legs soon so I can string a couple of consecutive thoughts together.


Enough time has passed since writing that last sentence to give me doubt if I ever will again.

Hopefully this gets better.


Lori said...

Say hallo to my lit-tle frien'.

Mr. Mojito.

Coherence will come back. It may take 12 weeks, but it WILL come back.

Bring your laptop in August. I think we have wireless. We'll send the kids out snipe hunting.

Douglas W said...

There's a time for Deep Thinking and a time for other things... take a break with them and enjoy yourself... what do you have planned for the summer?