Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In checking out my site meter I just noticed that I've received my 1001st visit. Of course, that may not be strictly accurate, since some of these 'visits' were mine before I figured out how to block them, or when I've accessed the site through another computer.

But I'll call it 1001, while reserving an idea that the "real" 1001st post may be coming up any time now. Like the Antoine St. Exupery, looking up into the night skies to see how his Little Prince is doing, for now, every post will be the 1001st.

THIS 1001st post came from Cork Ireland. It came this morning, and the search terms were "excavator lessons". It appears they didn't linger, just took a glance around and then moved on.

My thousandth visit, came from someone I "know." Doug, take a bow!


Mrs. Spit said...

Very cool, and congratulations!

It's been a pleasure to read you!

Douglas W said...


But I'm sure I didn't see the message that offered me a free trip to Oregon for being the 1000th visitor!

Oh well... maybe 2000.

Lori said...

Milestone moment!

Let's drink a toast.

excavator said...

Thank you, Mrs. Spit!

And it is a great pleasure to read *you*!

excavator said...

Thanks, Doug!

If I knew how to make a widget I could give you a 'thousandth-visitor-of-my-blog' award?

Guess you'll have to settle for that warm glow of satisfaction. Or, I could send pictures?

excavator said...

Lori--Mo-ji-tos Mo-ji-tos Mo-ji-tos

(We've got a date next month!)

excavator said...

Since who knows how many of my 'visitors' have been *me*, potentially you're ALL my thousandth visitor!

(cheers and confetti, champagne corks popping).

I'm really glad you're here.

Aunt Becky said...

Okay, so you're my new favorite person. Thank you, oh THANK YOU for understanding me. As you well know it's one of those "why are you complaining" things that few people understand.

So I'm adding you as a link and to my google reader. For being someone who gets it.

excavator said...

Welcome, Aunt Becky! (Maybe *you're* my 1000th visitor!) I'm so glad you dropped by.

I'm eager to read some more of you. You're very good at articulating the elements of insanity that being a full time caregiver of young children subjects you to. I used to think that what was missing for this generation was an Erma Bombeck (she was the voice of the harried mom back in the sixties and seventies), but now I see the Voice is subversively present in the momblogs. Thank god for the voices that can describe what I'm feeling on the days when I feel like an undifferentiated lump.

I loved your post, by the way, of your youngest reverting from his easy-going self into Tyrant mode. Sad, fraught days, though they do evolve eventually into something else.

So, I'll be visiting!