Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ethical Dilemma

The boys want a dog, I want a divorce.

I'm fine with them having a dog but the uncertainties of executing my desire impacts the fulfilling of theirs.

For example, I'm very clear about not wanting a puppy. And, having had such a great experience with golden retrievers (other than one we'd given our hearts to up and dying on us after 8 months) we're partial to that breed. It seems some sort of rehoming or rescue service is our best bet.

The golden rescue organizations are very careful about their dog placements. The Gold Bond rescue service has a 6 page adoption application form. And they ask questions like, "Will someone be home with the dog?"

And that's where I get stuck and quit filling in the form. Wellllllllll. I suppose the technical answer is " 'yes (for now)' ".

There's a very literal, concrete part of me that feels like 'yes' is a lie by omission. Yes, it's true for now, but it may not always be true, but I don't know when its trueness might cease.

I've never been good at 'yes or no' questions.


Lori said...

Cheers for your clarity.

Your desire has been moving its way up your chakras. You've done work on tribal issues, sexual issues, self-exteem issues, love issues, and now you are able to express, through your throat chakra your Truth.

Next is more clarity through your intuitive powers, and then your surrender to your Divine connection.

Bravo, Debora. Bravo. It may seem scary, but you are supported by the Universe itself.

Aunt Becky said...

I know exactly what you mean. Don't you wish that you could add extra stuff in there so that you could clarify completely what you meant? I do.

excavator said...

Lori, this is more comforting than you can know.

I'm struck then, by the similarity between the chakras, the archetypal 'hero's journey', and the spiral dynamics theory.

Love you...and I'm thinking about all of you.

Hey, Aunt Becky! Yeah, I never seem to fit neatly into "yes" or "no"--I'm always in some weird limbo between.