Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Severed" (TKvid2u)

My dear friend's husband Tony made this video and entered it in the Seattle short films contest. I hope he wins, and I hope he makes more.

Gary's job fell yesterday to the economic downturn and the 'restructuring' response by his company.

We've known since February that some kind of reconfiguring was in the works. I'd hoped it wouldn't be him, since his little group was making quite a bit of profit. They've decided that his job can be absorbed into the function of the factories that contract with them and so his coordination skills aren't necessary.

In the meantime we've refinanced the house to finance the building of the garage, and ground is supposed to be broken on June 1st.

Nothing like an element of suspense.

He'd planned a raft trip down a 40 mile stretch of the John Day River over the holiday. Other than the gas it takes to drive down and back, any restaurants we stop at on the road, and paying someone to drive the shuttle, it's not going to cost much and so he wants to go ahead with it. I've been non-committal, and I'm still tempted to let him take the boys and go without me. Particularly since my alone times at home have just been terminated along with his job.

Take a look at this raft, here. The two boys sat on the forward bench. Gary sat in the middle to row, and I sat on the back directly on the raft so I could jump out and push, if necessary. Does it look to you like there is room for camping gear for 2 nights (2 folding camp table/benches--one to cook on--coleman stove, pots and other cookgear, ice chest, food, tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, extra clothing, and a 75 lb DOG?

I might have to go along just to see.


Lori said...

Oh, boy. I am so sorry to hear this.

Timely video. The metaphor is too apt.

How are you doing? How are Gary's job prospects?

Sheri said...

I am very sorry to hear about Gary's job loss. It's one thing to suspect and wonder, but quite another to be told that you are part of the restructure.

I am sending you and your family positive energy as you move through this.

excavator said...

Thanks, Lori and Sheri.

And Sheri--congratulations to your family. I was very happy to get the message why your parents had been in your town. Blessings, always.