Thursday, February 18, 2010

Damn. Spamn.

All right.  I've got to turn on the dreaded word verification because I'm sick of getting notified of comments on old posts that turn out to be spam.

I'm a kid at Christmas when my email program animates; the prospect of a comment like opening a package.  I'm sick of being distracted from other work I'm doing by spam comments.

I only hope that this setting retroactively protects my older posts, because that's where the spammers hit.  I suppose there's some comic relief in finding ads for penile enhancers among my comments, but I get to choose when to activate my sense of humor.

Spammers, approach me directly.  Maybe if you pay me I might consider it.

My apologies to those who hate word verification.  The devil made me do it.


Sheri said...

I've been getting more of the Spam comments lately myself...and on my older posts, so I understand.

My PollyAnna side says that I am getting more Spammer's attention because I'm getting more traffic overall. :)

But I want real, interested and interesting people in my community, not penile-V!agra-obsessed computers commenting with gooble-de-gook.

Here's to Word Verification, perhaps a necessary evil!

Mama Zen said...

I've been having the same problem!

excavator said...

Mama Zen, isn't it horrifically annoying to have to track down the post in order to eliminate the spam? My heart is beginning to sink every time I see "Anonymous" in the From category in my inbox. Word verification has definitely helped, though.