Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year (nt)


Lori said...

HNY to you, too, Cuz.

I hope 2009 brings us together at least once.

How you doing?

Mrs. Spit said...

And to you.

Ailey said...
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Ailey said...

Happy New Year friend. I've been thinking of you lots with this crazy winter weather we got and the even crazier weather you got and wondering if you made it out of town. Bet you'll be glad when Monday rolls around. Hope all is well enough. Miss you. (Helen)

excavator said...

Hey, Helen! What a cool surprise! Happy new year indeed. Now how do I get to be a team member on your blog so I can comment? I went over to post what would have been your first comment, but it won't let me.

Great timing for starting a new blog. Can't wait to read more.


excavator said...

Hi, Lori & Mrs. Spit. I do hope that 2009 is a special year--that it brings many hearts' desires.

The prolonged kid time has made me a bit nutty. Next time I can coherently string two coherent thoughts together (which may be too optimistic) I'll make another post. Right now I'm in survival mode, waiting for school to begin.