Monday, March 29, 2010

Um, uh, about this silence...

I guess you could say I'm on sabbatical.

I may have mentioned once that I've been working on a project of transcribing my older diaries into my computer?  Currently I'm up to fall of 1987 and recording the 50th volume.

1986/87 were very significant years for me, and I've found I've had little energy to do much else.  So my focus has narrowed, I haven't been blogging, or reading blogs.  Perhaps when I get past this particular era in my life I'll broaden my focus again.

On an unrelated topic, my sons have been out of school for spring break.  Scott gets 2 weeks, and is just beginning week 2.  He was fascinated with q.uicksand, and I encouraged him  to look up some information on the web.

Did you know that there is a whole niche of fet.ish that involves beautiful women sinking in q.uicksand?



Sheri said...

I was just thinking about you last night, noting that I had not seen any of your posts pop up in my Reader lately...or seen any of your comments on my blog. So reading your post today answers my curiosity.

I'm glad you have time to transcribe your diaries and are taking the time to uncover the mysteries that are there for you.

Happy digging (or should I say excavating). :)

Ailey said...

I've been wondering Ex. Thanks for the reminder.

Scott and his research.....LOL

Love You!!

Quiet Dreams said...

Sounds like a very intense project. A good idea, but really intense.