Monday, February 25, 2008

Cheating? or Reprieve?

For whatever reason I didn't tell Scott that I would be staying for a while each morning in the classroom. I don't know exactly what stayed my tongue; some sort of caution I guess. That and the general distraction that kept me from thinking through it, and the forgetfulness about bringing it up.

I was planning to talk to him about it on the drive over and got distracted by an interview with the chairman of the American Conservative Union about John McCain. WOW--they really think like that? Hearing the litany of what they distrust in McCain reveals much about them.

It wasn't until we were on the sidewalk heading in to the building that I started a little to talk to him, but didn't quite get there because he didn't seem to be taking it in. I started with telling him that there are times his behavior in the classroom isn't appropriate for the classroom because it disturbs the learning of other children; I told him that he needs to have someone with him in class to teach him when it's ok to be noisy and talk, and when it's time to control himself. I hadn't gotten to the part about my planning to stay that day. When we walked into the room one of the children greeted us with :"We're going swimming today!"


Well, we weren't the only ones without swimsuits, but I'll bet we live the furthest away. Fortunately they don't go until 12:30 so I had time to run back to the house and get it. I arrived at 9:05; it'll take 1/2 hour to get back, and I hadn't told Scott I was going to stay. So how diligent should I be about getting the suit and heading right back?

And, would it be best (for me) to take my reprieve right now and arrive with the suit shortly before they leave for the pool? That would buy me a couple hours now, but would put an interruption right in the middle. Or should I leave now with the suit, tell Billy that I'll start the classroom aide thing tomorrow and be back home around 10:30--therefore having a larger chunk of undisturbed time?

Geez, I jump through a lot of hoops for the sake of this time. I still haven't figured out how to get the inner sensation of the benefit of lots-of-time in the absence of lots of time.

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