Friday, February 15, 2008

My cousin...(you know who you are)... whom I owe the impetus to launch this blog 'tagged' me, last week, or maybe even longer ago. I am still so innocent about the workings of blogs and blogger society that I'm not sure what to do.

First, have I committed a faux pas by having not 'played' yet; that is listed a number of quirks about myself and then tagged a number of other bloggers (see, I can't even do *that* right. Duh, I forgot...). Should I have said something to her on her blog, offered an explanation? But where? In reply to her latest posting, in which case it probably wouldn't have anything to do with the content of that post? Back on the one where she tagged me, but that one's so old by now she's probably no longer checking it for replies. E-mail her privately? I'm probably thinking wa-a-ay too much.

I wanted to explain my 'problem', which is that I don't have too many blogs I visit on a frequent if not regular basis. One of them is my cousin's ( (I recommend it, by the way). She tagged me; I guess I can't really turn around and tag her back. Of two others I visit, oh make it 3, these are people who know me in the real world. Not intimately, but enough to make me feel a little uncomfortable about what they might be reading.

So, I can go fishing. And I did do some of this. One is a blog an e-pal of mine linked me to: a British ex-pat with 2 autistic sons and a grown daughter. She recommended a number of other blogs to go to, which I did. In fact, I'd like to go to more of them but I keep getting interrupted. I see there's a dance in the blogging world: I post, but I also visit and read. So I see that there's a commitment. (by the way, I will recommend this woman's blog, but I think I'll ask her first.)

Though I've been reassured that it's ok to tag someone (by way of self-introduction), I can't get past this feeling that I need to 'get to know them' a little more first.

The cool thing is that I sense this is leading me down a fruitful avenue. Something about visiting these other blogs heightens my feelings of getting 'warmer' in terms of deepening my own writing. So, thanks, Cuz, for opening a way. And, how about you tag me a little farther ahead in the future? I'd like to play, I just need a little more time to get ready.

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Lori said...

The cool thing about blogs is that the rules are whatever work for you.

1. So, no faux pas.

2. No explanation necessary...but if you wanted to it could be on the tag post -- I'd still get an email with your comment.

3. Yes, you're thinking wa-a-a-y too much. Runs in the genes?

4. Thanks for the endorsement!

5. Glad you're finding some blogs to follow. Soon your problem will be having too many blogs to follow (it runs in the genes).

6. I will most definitely tag you in the future. We missed out on the tag games together as kids.

Love you!