Saturday, December 15, 2007


Wow. I have to wonder what all that was about.

The door is complete. It took as many as 10 visits and maybe more.

He is a born-again Christian, the fundamentalist kind. Not obnoxiously so, to be fair. He seems to go deeper than doctrine; the fundamentalist path does seem to connect him to the Divine. There were ways I met him there, from my own connection to the Divine. It's clear to me though that he would not recognize any other Way to that Divine, because that's the nature of fundamentalist Christianity. I made no effort to talk about my Connection, but he seemed to get it when I said that I believed that we were all manifestations of God and that our human lives are about seeking that connection. There were a few places like that where we found common ground, and there was no spiritual struggle.

I do think it cures me from that odd feverishness I had, and there's some relief in that, and some sadness.

I'm done for now.


Lori said...

Still no more fever? Is there still sadness about the lack of fever?

excavator said...

Yeah, no more fever. No...I haven't really missed it, or him for that matter. It may be merely because I had to hit the ground running with Garys return and then the flurry around Riser that immediately followed. Maybe I just had too many distractions and in the meantime have been swept past it far enough that it's irrelevant.

Probably that was an experience where the value came from the insights it inspired rather than the experience (or continuinance of it) in itself.