Friday, December 7, 2007

hung mac

About 1/2 an hour ago I was looking forward to sitting down to explore some more that happy feeling that I feel in the presence of the door man. It was leading me to some questions about the nature of simple and spontaneous happiness like that...what it would have meant when I was younger; it changes my perception of the scope of happiness. Plus, writing has been a way to wring a little last juice from an experience--to experience the last little bit of life in it before it becomes a *memory* of a feeling.

However my Mac is hung up on a blue screen with a mouse present and movable, but it will not boot past that. I'd done a software update installation that Apple's been offering me forever; now I read via google that some people have had the same trouble with the security update download. And it doesn't look like it resolved easily. It seems it may be way beyond my technical skills, and level of patience to do the digging to improve my technical skills. I'm trying the first line of defense: reboot. And so the power is off and I'm scared to go turn it back on again.

If this has crashed I lose my e-mails, I think, since I couldn't figure out a way to get the external hard drive to copy them. Fortunately this time my documents are backed up to about a week ago, so I just (JUST!) lose this week's writing. If I've done the back-up right.

Well, it looks like first-line-of-defense worked for me. I feel so relieved.

Note to self:

1) get more familiarized with external hard drive
2) find out about 'archive install'
3) back up more often (go back up NOW)

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