Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Demon drums pounding below

And it's only 11:00. Next, the younger will be wailing, "Shut u-u-u-u-u-up!!!!!!!!!! It hurts my earrrrrrrrrs!"

This is probably as close to alone as I'm going to get, other than stealing a little time at the beginning of the day by getting up early.

Wondering if therapy is cancelled tonight too. Really, it doesn't look that bad out there. I've been watching cars drive by just fine!

I'd lay odds on them being home tomorrow too. Friday it doesn't matter since Scott's got a half-day anyway.

Drat. I'd counted on this week as time alone to store up, much as the squirrels store their nuts and seeds for privation times ahead. Tuesday we leave for California, with 2 kids who hate long drives. To spend 5 days with my parents. Then drive back. So this mother bear is entering the cold season without a lot of underlying fat for self sustenance.

And I ran out of tequila for margaritas last week. Now that's something I should have stocked up on.


Mrs. Spit said...

bourbon. . .

Just sayin'

Aunt Becky said...

I second Mrs. Spit. Altho a margarita sounds mighty fine right now. But it's something I only get into during the summer months. Is that weird?

Martha said...

I'm with you, Excavator, Tequila, Good Tequila, and lots of it.
You can stop by my house in California and I will get you stocked up on some Silver Patron, Triple sec, limeade, beer (splash of beer really makes the margarita stand up to attention, limes, and Salt.

excavator said...

Mrs. Spit, I don't know bourbon. But I'd love to have you introduce us.

No, Aunt Becky, it doesn't seem weird. Margaritas seem like a summer drink to me too, since I like them ice cold. But I like them enough to drink them cold in the winter!

Martha, I'll have to sleep on your couch after being so well stocked up! Now that is one fancy margarita. So do you put the beer in to the mix, or drink it as a chaser?