Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trying to not panic

Last night while I was trying to save a document (Word, on a Mac laptop OSX) word "unexpectedly quit". I opened it back up, and now it's not opening any of my word documents in the finder!

I thought I had a post in me but right now I just feel this buzzing inside at the prospect of having lost ALL my documents; thousands of pages and hundreds of hours of writing.

I do have them backed up on an external hard drive, which I'm running right now in hopes that maybe it can somehow access my most recent writings since I last backed data up. And, I've never used it in field conditions, so I'm not feeling consoled. What if I did something wrong in backing them up and they're not available from there after all?

There's a part of me that wants to quit the word application and then see if it resets itself and I can get my stuff back...but I'm scared I'll lose it alllllllllllll if I do.

Trying to not panic...bring...breathing....under....control.....


Mrs. Spit said...

I've got nothing, other than to say I'm really sorry. I know how I felt when my laptop was stolen. . .

Lori said...

Oh, goodness. I hope thing have already resolved as I type this comment.

Good luck, Ex.

excavator said...

Thank you two. Appreciate your sympathy, and Mrs. Spit I have a deeper appreciation for what you lost when your laptop was taken. Did you lose all your data, and pictures? I sure hope not because I'm sure you had pictures of Gabriel in there.

I'd planned to come over and do my etiquette assignments and earn the right to your award, but I got overtaken by technological events.

Machines seduce us into dependence on them, and then pull the plug.