Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Half a Loaf

I bought about 3 and a half hours of silence by taking Scott to school (and saying "no" to a request to be a driver for morning 'intensives') and taking Connor to his friend's for sledding. The two together was about 3 hours total driving. I'll leave at 2:30 to pick up Scott. Connor will catch a ride home with his buddy's dad.

So, time to go make The Most of this since I've heard rumor that more snow is supposed to begin falling tomorrow.

Ho ho ho.


Aunt Becky said...

It's been snowing like mad here. I'm terrified that tomorrow will be a snow day and then I might cry.

excavator said...

Surely they're tougher in Chicagoland than we are here in this wimpy state! We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow and the roads haven't melted out up on our ridge. I may be crying with you.

Sipping virtual vodka--oh, yeah, you can't. I'll have some for both of us.

Martha said...

I'm giving you a Virtual High 5 for saying "no" to being chauffeur.

excavator said...

Martha, Gracias.

It was liberating, to have lost most of the load of second-guessing myself.

Wordgirl said...

Hooray for saying no! I hope you enjoyed your hours of silence. Isn't it delicious?

Really, these are the scary parts about trying to conceive for me -- because I've been a step-mother of a toddler who is now an eight year old and we've claimed our time back -- and if I cast myself back to those years when we had no time to ourselves I think "yikes" really?

SO thankful that Minnesota plows quickly and it takes LOTS of snow before the schools close ;)